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US Dollar-based income yield

SACREIL is a long-term investor in commercial real estate in sub-Saharan Africa.


SACREIL was established at a time when the real estate sector across most parts of the African continent was beginning to show strong signs of development.
Access to equity capital and debt funding has improved over the last number of years as new participants entered the market.


SACREIL targets the acquisition of completed commercial property assets with sustainable and growing income streams and assumes limited development risk. Political, economic and social risks are evaluated and responded to appropriately during the investment lifecycle.

Projected capital growth for investors is driven by net income growth and possible yield contraction, while the NAV of the company has the physical underpin of the investment properties themselves.

SACREIL aims to provide a US Dollar return to its investors.


SACREIL has interests in Accra Mall and land adjacent to Accra Mall, in Accra, Ghana; Capital Properties, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; and Atlantic House, in Lagos, Nigeria. The region’s long-term growth prospects remain compelling with Africa’s constant demand for goods, services and rentable area.

The portfolio currently underweight retail assets in favour of office assets, as it offers more stable returns in the near term. But given the favourable projected consumer demographics of the region, the portfolio is likely over time to be dominated by retail assets.

As the people of Africa continue to move forward, SACREIL continues to participate in, contribute to and benefit from this forward momentum.

Percentage of GAV

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Percentage of GAV



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Gross asset value in USD at 31 December 2021

0 .69%

Gearing at 31 December 2021 scope to increase

Board of Directors

The SACREIL operating model does not have any employees and its affairs are conducted by its Board of Directors. As the company invests, holds and disposes of real estate investments in selected countries in SSA, decisions in this regard are made by the Board following consideration by the Investment Committee. Given this construct, SACREIL has appointed third-party service providers to assist it.